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As prices increase how can drivers reduce fuel consumption?

Everybody likes to find ways to save money and if you are taking the car on holiday this summer, then over the long term you may like to know how you could save and at the same time reduce fuel consumption.

Did you know in 2017 the UK bought 42.7 bn litres of fuel, according to the RAC Foundation – That’s a huge an astronomical amount of fuel consumed across our country.

As the price of fuel continues to rise at currently an average price of 127.22p a litre for petrol and 129.96p a litre for diesel, following a rapid rise in oil prices it no secret that the cost of running vehicles is putting more pressure on consumers to consider more carefully as to how and when they use their vehicles.  Considering this, drivers across the UK are looking at alternative methods to reduce fuel consumption as well as their monthly spend.

Stourbridge Automotive Ltd can help you to reduce fuel consumption

Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we do have a solution to reduce fuel consumption. New and existing customers can benefit from our 2018 ECU Remapping OfferWAS £299.00 NOW: £250.00.

By having your vehicle’s engine remapped, you are not only guaranteed a better response from the vehicle when accelerating and breaking, but also the fuel consumption can reduce significantly so that you really notice how much further your vehicle will travel on a single tank of fuel.

As certified installers of BHP-UK our ECU-Remapping trained technicians can re-tune the engine in your Audi, BMW, BMW Mini or Mercedes by adjusting the car’s ECU (brain of the car).

Having taken the decision to reduce fuel consumption, offers is a great opportunity to save some money and put some cash back into your holiday fund!

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