Re-charging your car with Electric

Re-charging your car with Electric - UK vehicle infrastructure
Re-charging your car - electric charge point

With the shift to driving electric vehicles as opposed to Petrol and Diesel cars, the UK government are rapidly implementing charge points across the UK so that re-charging your car will become far easier.

Re-charging your car at convenience rather than just from home, we will start to see a more sustainable infrastructure for the future development of electric cars being driven. Charge points are now beginning to pop up gradually across many communal places, throughout the UK.  Shopping centres, restaurants and fast-food premises, supermarket and town car parks are becoming primary spots. These places for recharging your car, puts convenience at the forefront for drivers. Likewise, it offers them the opportunity to recharge their vehicle far easier, as it can be carried out whilst they shop, eat out and enjoy leisure time.

Re-charging your car at Stourbridge Automotive

Here at Stourbridge Automotive we are also playing our own part in developing new electric re-charging facilities for customers and visitors who visit our premises. We are installing up to six charge points in and around our Stourbridge workshop which are being partially government funded under a grant scheme.

Available for charging for AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover vehicles, we hope to have all six charge points installed in and around the workshop before the end of the year. These will be utilised by our, Electrics, qualified workshop team whilst carrying out servicing tasks.

For more information on how Stourbridge Automotive is embracing the new era of electric vehicles and to find out more about our electric servicing plans for future support to customers please see our Electric Hybrid Servicing website page.

You can also find out more about re-charging your car and the new UK government’s Transportation Decarbonisation Plan, by visiting –