Service Book - Vehicle Servicing and Updating your service history

Stourbridge Automotive Ltd Service Book – New for 2020

Following customer feedback with regards to how service history is recorded online. Stourbridge Automotive Ltd have recognised that some customers prefer to own a generic Service Book for their vehicle, which they can look through and refer too in terms of up-to-date vehicle servicing information.

All Stourbridge Automotive Ltd Service Books offer the following details:

  • Updated history including previous history carried out by Stourbridge Automotive Ltd
  • Regular Service items, that you would usually find in a manufacturers service book
  • Hard copy reference of servicing history – ideal when selling a vehicle to clearly show the perspective new owners all relative vehicle information
  • In addition to the service book, your online service history will continue to be updated
  • A contact reference for Stourbridge Automotive Ltd should you need to book a service in the future
  • Service Books are provided for the recognised brand marques which our company supports in terms of vehicle servicing and maintenance – AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes, JaguarLand Rover and Range Rover
  • Find out more about vehicle servicing with Stourbridge Automotive

At a cost of just £6.00 per Service Book, you can now purchase a Stourbridge Automotive Ltd Service Book next time your vehicle needs servicing or by calling us on 01384 377792 / emailing us at to arrange and collect – please provide your name, vehicle registration number, make and model.