Spring Vehicle Checks

Spring Vehicle Checks
Spring Vehicle Checks

Whilst many customers might be working from home or possibly not able to work if on ‘Fulough’ during COVID-19, this might be an ideal time to carry out general vehicle checks while you have the time and to keep yourself busy.

The team at Stourbridge Automotive is encouraging all AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover vehicle owners and drivers to carry out servicing checks on their cars in preparation for driving freely again, once we are able to do so and restrictions are lifted.

During the winter season, our vehicles are put under pressure to operate in extreme wet weather conditions and run on gritted and salted roads, which cannot only have an impact on the bodywork but also leave residue over many of the car’s parts causing premature corrosion.  In addition, regular scraping of the windscreen, extensive use of wiper blades and screen wash or using the interior heater, can all take its toll on your vehicle’s general wear and tear.

Here are some vehicle checks to revive your car and get rid of the winter grime.

Cleaning – First, give your car a good wash and clean, especially paying attention to lower areas of the car, the wheels / wheel arches where salt and mud can build up. Also, ensure that all lights and indicators are washed so that they are visible to other drivers and that your mirrors are clearly visible to see out of.

Checking – There are many aspects of a vehicle to check both outside and under the bonnet. Start by checking the condition of the wiper blades, any light malfunction warnings, plus the tread on the tyres.  Under the bonnet, check that the engine oil is within the right level and top up if it is low.  At the same time, top up your water & windscreen wash (coolant concentration strength is something that Stourbridge Automotive will check when servicing).

Battery charge – if you are not using your car at the moment, but have access to a battery charger, we would also suggest that you charge the battery from time to time

During the Coronavirus pandemic it is important to make sure that your vehicle is still safe to drive and that it has no obvious defects. Though many of you will not be using your vehicles as regularly at the moment, this may apply to ‘key workers’.