Summer is on its way! Time to maintain your Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning - Time to maintain, summer is on its way!
car air conditioning display screen

The changing seasons might have seemed a little slower this year, but with the warmer weather now beginning to make an appearance, it is time to check your ‘car air conditioning’ and give it some TLC.

During the winter months, you’re a car air conditioning system is often abandoned in favour of turning up the heaters! However, if the air conditioning does not run for a while, it is not always healthy for the system. This can result in components to cease up and air flow to become stagnant. In addition, if it is not maintained, then damp conditions may occur within the system, that include bacteria or strange smells that may build up with the car.

What does a Car Air Conditioning Service entail?

Here at Stourbridge Automotive, we are on hand to give your ‘car air conditioning system’ a complete service.

Our air conditioning service package includes recharging and checking of the gas levels – for all marque’s we use r1234yf according to manufacturer’s specifications. The service also includes cleaning the system to remove any excess moisture or impurities and to check the entire system for leaks. We would recommend that owner / drivers of AudiBMWMINIMercedesJaguarLand Rover and Range Rover vehicles, replace their car air conditioning system with new gas and lubricant, every two years to ensure efficiency and clean air.

*Please note that an air conditioning service is not part of a MOT Test check or regular vehicle service, but to book separately.

To find out more about our car air conditioning maintenance programme or to book an air conditioning service for your car, please contact us or see our specialist services > air conditioning website page for further details.