Summer Vehicle Safety & Holiday Checks

Vehicle Safety - Summer Vehicle Safety & Holiday Checks

With the summer 2018 upon us and the holiday plans nearly in place, it is time to start planning a journey ahead of the day when you are due to leave for your summer destination.

Whether your journey will take you on the UK motorways and local roads or if you are going further afield into Europe, it is essential for your well-being and that of your family and friends that your vehicle safety is scrutinised before you leave.

So, what can you do to meet vehicle safety this summer?

Have your car serviced – Booking your car in for servicing in good time before you take it on a long journey and especially if it hasn’t had a vehicle safety service for over 8 months is always a good start. A full vehicle safety service here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, will include changing your oil filter, carrying out electrical and electronics tests, the checking of interior & exterior lights, testing the seat belt functionality plus much more. You can find out more details on our website for Audi servicing, BMW servicing, BMW Mini servicing and Mercedes servicing.

Check your tyres – Ensure that your tyres have a good quality tread on them and that they are inflated to the right pressure. You can find the details on your vehicles tyre pressures in your manual or ask your local garage for assistance. Healthy tyres are key to a safe journey! They will prevent a blow-out, safeguard your braking power and even save you money on your fuel consumption.

Test your brakes – Test that your brakes work effectively and ask us at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd to check your brake pads and disks.  This will allow your vehicle to give the best possible response when braking.

Window wiper functionality – Hopefully we won’t get lots of rain! But ensuring that the blades on your wipers are in good working order will keep your main windscreen clear of any water or silt from the road.

Test your lights – Test all lights, front and back plus main beam headlights and indicator lights. Replace bulbs where necessary to ensure that they all function properly and so that other drivers can see you in the dark and make them aware of your intentions whilst on the road.

Under the bonnet – Never open a bonnet lid until the engine has cooled as this could cause major burns to your skin and eyes.

Oil – Park your car on a flat surface to check your oil. Clean the dipstick and make sure the level on the oil gauge displays between the two markers. Top up if necessary and refer to your manual for the type of oil the vehicle’s engine requires.

Water – Ensure that your washer bottle is topped up with screen wash so that you can regularly clean your main windscreen to maximise visibility.

MOT Certificate – Check that you have a valid MOT test certificate. You don’t get a reminder for this one, so it is important to remember when it is due. Also, please beware that the UK government has recently bought out new legislation on UK MOT’s. You can find out more on our website:

Valid Insurance – Make sure that your insurance is valid and that your cover is still relevant to your needs for the vehicle. If you are travelling abroad then check that your insurance is also valid.

Travelling Abroad – Take your driving license, your passport and a copy of your vehicle insurance. Some countries also require by law safety items such as a warning triangle and headlight filters so check the destination country’s requirements so that you don’t get penalised or have to pay a higher price for equipment.You can find out further info at the GOV.UK website:

Be prepared – Try to plan your journey outside of busy times and analyse your route so that you know the direction your taking (don’t rely solely on the SATNAV). Take extra water so that you can stay hydrated on your journey; especially in hot weather and take regular breaks so that you don’t become tired whilst driving.

Above all, have a great holiday from Stourbridge Automotive Ltd!