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Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner – ( BMW – Diesel Engines only)


  • Lack of power
  • Warning light on dash

Correcting the problem:

First we would run an Autologic Diagnostic test with a report to the BMW, if possible we would then carry out the cleaning process as follows:

Clear any fault memories.

Authentic-Lash-Photography-image-65The DPF cleaner would be installed into the partical filter, the vehicle would then be left to activate and start the cleaning process.

After a short time we would then carry out a DPF regeneration road test, on return to the workshop, the particle filter, back pressure and general fault memories would be checked, to confirm if any further diagnosis is required, for any other running issues causing the DPF to block in the first instance.

A final report would be given to show back pressure or further faults.

(Advice given by Service Manager – Rowland Thomas)