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The Year of the British MINI!

Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd we are continuing to commemorate 60 years of the MINI and are looking forward to joining in the celebrations by holding our stand at The British MINI Day, Himley Hall -DY3 4DF this Sunday 12th May 2019 from 10-4pm.

BMW MINIOriginally born in the very heart of the West Midlands and still very much ‘alive and kicking’ the classic British MINI car, as it celebrates its 60th birthday MINI continues to offer everything its drivers and admirers would want in terms of style and quality.

Originally built by the British Motor Corporation and first launched in 1959, the MINI’s exterior has only subtly evolved to what we know and love today, since its original design.  Throughout its journey MINI has continued to stay core to its brand, shape and key features. Born out of the fashionable sixties era, the MINI’s iconic badge, compact size, distinctive curves and a choice of brightly coloured bodywork have maintained its unique British style.

British MINI Day 2019, Himley Hall – DY3 4DF this Sunday 12th May 2019 from 10-4pm

Are you a Mini owner or an enthusiast?

We would love to see you at the The British MINI Day, Himley Hall -DY3 4DF this Sunday 12th May 2019 from 10-4pm. Join us and many other MINI enthusiasts for a fun day out to admire a charming range of iconic MINI cars from older classics through to modern day latest editions of the MINI Countryman and MINI Clubman.  Visit our stand to find out about the services we offer here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, including MINI Servicing prices, MINI Diagnostic & Repairs, MINI Re-mapping services and MINI Upgrades.

The British MINI Day show aims to offer something for everyone to enjoy.  For more information about the show please see our website –

Do you own a MINI and require a cost effective service or mechanical repair support for your vehicle which will not affect your warranty?  Please contact us to obtain a quote or find out how our team of qualified MINI technicians can help with your enquiry or find out more about our services on our MINI website page


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