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Top Tips to prepare for a MoT Test

MoT TestOn May 20th 2018 the UK MOT Testing service will change under the new European Union Road Worthiness package.

This will mean that vehicles will be categorised as Minor, Major and Dangerous and those vehicles which are powered with Diesel fuel will see tighter restrictions on passing their MoT due to tighter legislation by the UK government on fuel emissions which could see Diesel vehicles phased out over the coming years.

In order to prepare for a MoT test, it is worth checking on when your MoT test is due so that you are mindful of the date and assess the condition of the vehicle before booking it into a certified MoT test centre so that you can eliminate minor failures prior to the test.

Some of the most common MoT test failures can arise from faulty lights, warm tyres, break and exhaust problems; so it’s worth making those checks.

Here are some top tips to improving your MoT test:

  1. Lights – This includes the checking of all lights around the car from front and back headlights to indicator lights and reverse lights, plus the vehicle registration light.
  2. Tyres – Check that tyres are in good working order with no splits or low tred. Tred should be 1.6mm all the way around the tyre.
  3. Wipers and Washers – Check that these are in good working condition and that the washer bottle is topped up.
  4. Fuel Cap – Check that this is in good working condition and seals correctly
  5. Engine Oil – Use a dipstick to measure the oil which should display at a level between the min and max marker levels. Always check the oil when the engine is cool and positioned on a flat level.
  6. Warning Lights – Check the dash for any warning lights that stay on when the engine is running.
  7. Unusual Noises – Listen out for any unusual noises that could indicate that the car has a problem and inform your MoT tester.

For more information on MoT testing or to book a MoT test then please contact our dedicated MoT testing team at Stourbirdge Automite Ltd. Our certified testers provide a highly quality MoT testing service for Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes vehicles to ensure that drivers stay safe and secure when out on the road.

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