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driving in hotter weather

Going on holiday this year? Read our travel tips for driving in the hotter weather

Travelling in hotter weather can be tiring so it’s important that drivers make a little preparation before embarking on any big journeys.

With our UK weather warming up to record temperatures over the coming summer months, (we have been told!) there is some essential information to consider when looking after your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover or Range Rover vehicles.

What to consider when driving in hotter weather

Book an Air-conditioning Service If you haven’t ran your vehicle’s air-conditioning through the winter months, now  it’s time to in the hotter weather, when we are tempted to switch on the AC button to cool down. Coolant can become stagnant over the winter months and when it is switched back on, it can give out poor smells. By booking your vehicle into Stourbridge Automotive, the system can be fully checked and cleaned together with replacing the coolant for a more efficient air-conditioning system.

Plan the time of day to drive – Whether its earlier in the morning or later in the evening, avoid driving during the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest, if possible. Generally, the roads can also be quieter and traffic free flowing during these times making an easier journey all round.

Take plenty of fluid – Breaking down or getting stuck in a traffic jam can mean being stranded without any facilities for a while. Take your own water and fluids so that yourself and passengers can keep hydrated throughout the journey.

Plan rest times – Driving in the heat can make drivers feel extra tired. Plan times to stop and take a break from the road. Have a walk outside of the car to get some fresh air and re-hydrate with fluids.

Don’t leave animals in the car – Leaving a dog in a car on a hot day, even with the window slightly open may not provide enough air for them to breathe. Behind the glass, cars can heat up extremely quickly like a greenhouse and so it’s imperative that you take your dog with you and DO NOT leave it in the car.

To find out more about looking after your vehicle and preparing for holidays and the hotter weather, please contact our team of experienced engineers at Stourbridge Automotive. From vehicle servicing for AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover or Range Rover vehicles to Air-conditioning servicing, MOT Tests and mechanical repairs, we offer the customers all the vehicle help, that they need for a safe holiday journey.

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