How the UK is embracing electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles - How the UK is embracing the new style car!
charging point for electric vehicles

Going Electric is perfect for the UK! As a nation, our country is small compared to somewhere like the US who need cars to make much longer journeys. This means for us, that by converting to an electric vehicle, we won’t need to re-charge quite so often.  Generally, UK residents make small journeys daily of up to 1 to 2 hours from A to B and with an average of 7,400 miles per year. Consequently, with regular charging points at home and in designated locations, converting to Electric should be a straightforward adjustment for UK drivers.

We are also a nation who love new cars!

In second place to Germany, the UK is one of Europe’s top keen new car buyers and with EVs and PHEVs already out selling new diesel cars for 2021, it is clear which type of vehicle UK drivers are now wanting to buy.

Partly driven by the Government’s plan to create net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and the incentive to reduce running costs for drivers by using electric rather than petrol or diesel fuel. Our interest in the transition to switch to electric vehicles is beginning to establish itself successfully compared to other nations.

UK Department of Transport Strategy for Electric Vehicles

To meet the demand in supporting electric car driver / owners with enough charging points across the UK, the UK Department of Transport has stepped up its investment to £20million for councils to spend on street chargers in and around residential areas. Getting the right charging infrastructure will be critical to the electric car industry’s success in offering flexibility as to when and where drivers can charge their vehicles. Housing developers are now considering how to install a charging point as part of home utilities whilst commercial garages and car parks are now reviewing their charging point installation strategy for electric vehicles so that they can also offer it as a facility.

With these developments in mind, Stourbridge Automotive is also preparing for Electric Vehicle Servicing to support West Midlands  AudiBMWMINIMercedesJaguarLand Rover and Range Rover Electric vehicle owners.

To find out more, please see our Electric Vehicle Servicing website page which includes our business plans for the future or visit to see how the UK government is encouraging us to swap to electric vehicles.