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NEW UK Number Plate

UK Number Plate Facts

With 2021 underway, this month we are talking about the UK number plate. How to look after it and what you should know as a vehicle owner / driver further to Brexit.

New style UK number plate now available

Following our exit from the EU, a new style UK number plate is now available for UK vehicle owners. Whilst existing styles of number plates are still valid, the new style UK number plate will no longer include the EU flag. Instead, drivers will have the choice, to either purchase a plain plate or a plate with a graphic on the left hand-side of the plate which displays the Union Jack Flag and the letters GB. If they choose a plain plate, in addition they will need to display a GB sticker when driving in the EU.

How the UK number plate may look in the future

Due to be announced in June of this year, the Department of Transport (DfT) are currently in discussions about environmentally friendly green plates for zero emission cars. The eco representation of a UK number plate will include a green band down the left hand-side and is hoped to be introduced for all environmentally friendly cars. It is anticipated that the new style plate will represent a more environmentally friendly vehicle which in the long term will increase awareness and provide cleaner air on our roads.

Looking after your UK number plate

Did you know that as a vehicle owner / driver, you could be fined up to £1000 for not displaying your number plate correctly? This includes the letter spacing and the correct ‘Charles Wright New’ font – named after the original designer.

It also means not displaying a cracked number plate or a plate which is covered in grime or snow from the poor weather conditions. Failure to do could result in a fine.

Replacing a UK number plate with Stourbridge Automotive

Does your vehicle need a replacement number plateStourbridge Automotive provide a certified number plate replacement facility for both front and rear plates for AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover and Range Rover direct from our Stourbridge workshop. To book a UK number plate replacement, contact us. Please note, that on the day of the appointment, you will need to bring to the workshop, your logbook, some photo ID and a utility bill to prove that the vehicle is within your ownership.

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