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Vehicle Battery issues whilst adhering to lockdown

Whilst across the UK we continue to adhere to lockdown measures, some vehicle owners have noted issues in low battery levels when starting their car, due to the lack of the vehicles being driven daily.

It has been several weeks now since the UK went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus, which means that many cars are either not being driven or are only used for essential purposes. Because of the situation, it means that some vehicles are experiencing low energy batteries or flat batteries which has resulted in cars not starting.

Vehicle Battery Checks

To try to rectify non-starting / reduced energy batteries, Stourbridge Automotive Ltd recommends the following to keep your battery healthy throughout this period:

1. Start your car regularly and run every few days.

2. Run the vehicle outside your property for 10 minutes and stay inside it, whilst the engine is running. Remember that it is illegal to leave a car running unattended and neither would you want the car stolen as this could affect your insurance.

3. Remove any gadgets such as phone charges and turn off the heaters / air-conditioning which could be using essential battery energy.

4. Use the vehicle to make essential journeys only for food and supplies. This will allow the engine to have a good run and give the battery a chance to charge up whilst driving.

5. If you have one, then please use a battery charger to charge the battery back up to its full capacity.

If you are unsure about any of the above or have an alternative service and repair issue with your vehicle, then please get in touch. Stourbridge Automotive Ltd are here to help customers and owners throughout the West Midlands of Audi, BMW, BMW MINI, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.