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Vehicle Brakes & Brake Pad Health check

With our gorgeous summer weather slowly becoming a faded memory, our team at Stourbridge Automotive are looking at ways in which we can prepare vehicles for the Autumn and Winter months ahead, which includes giving vehicle brakes and brake pads, a good health check.

The Autumn UK season often attracts wetter weather and greasy roads. This means that vehicles need to be in tip top shape in terms of brakes and brake pad quality, so that should an incident arise whereby a driver needs to brake quickly, that the car will react quickly and reliably.

Vehicle Brakes & Brake Pads Facts

  1. Vehicle brakes, brake discs and brake pads are never changed under a MOT Test, however, can be suggested to be replaced as an advisory.
  2. It is always best to have both front and rear brakes and brake pads replaced at the same time to achieve best brake performance.
  3. New Brakes, brake discs, and brake pads need some time to ‘bed-in’ and so it is ideal to have them replaced a couple of weeks before embarking on a long journey.
  4. Stopping distance in wet weather is at least double that of driving on dry roads, according to the highway code – Poor brake quality could also impact on the timing.
  5. Any squealing or grinding sounds which occur when pressure is applied to the brake peddles, can mean that the brakes need servicing.

If it has been some time since your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover or Range Rover vehicle brakes and brake pads were last checked and replaced, then it’s time to consider booking a vehicle brakes health check with Stourbridge Automotive. Our experienced mechanical repair team are on hand to offer advice on brake servicing and other types of mechanical repairs. Please note that we only use genuine OE (original equipment) replacement parts for all vehicle marques.