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Mechanic checking diagnostics through laptop

Vehicle diagnostics – What is really involved?

Ever wondered what the term ‘Vehicle Diagnostics’ really means in respect of your vehicle?

Many people think vehicle diagnostics is just a case of plugging in a computer so that the device can feedback error messages on a screen and then ‘hey presto’ it’s ready for the technician to fix. However, this is rarely the case! The process is actually far more complex, as often ‘Fault codes’ only filter down to a general topic area relating to the system of the car.

This means that whilst the diagnostic test route for most electronic faults can provide valuable data insights into where a fault may lie – to pinpoint the error entails a more hands-on approach. It involves checking and testing the fuses and power supply, checking the plugs and connections, and then moving on to check the wiring and signals, to and from the control unit. 

By carrying out these checks, our technicians can find the root cause of the issue, as the pinpointed fault code is sometimes created by another component or wiring fault further down the system.

Further Diagnostics

If the fault is found to be a problematic component, depending on its type and use, our Stourbridge Automotive technicians can often test using either live data telematics or component actuations.  By reading the signals on the diagnostic equipment, allows the control module to function and can help to pinpoint exactly where the issue lies.

Often after a repair of an emission related fault, further warning lights may appear following a road test or within a short period of time, and as a consequence of the original fault or possibly a continuation of driving without rectification. When testing mechanical components, a similar process also occurs, however sometimes, ‘no Fault codes’ will appear – this unfortunately provides no data to work from. In this case, it is down to the knowledge and expertise of the Stourbridge Automotive technician to follow a strict working path, to test and check each area or component, and to find the origin of any noises or failing parts.

Choosing the best and most logical route to follow, can take a considerable amount of time and experience to rule out any other potential issues. Primarily, the main aim is to successfully diagnose the issue first time and with complete accuracy.

If you have any questions in respect of your own vehicle, and to find out more about our vehicle diagnostic service available for  AudiBMWMINIMercedesJaguarLand Rover & Range Rover vehicles, please see our website or contact the team at Stourbridge Automotive for more details.