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Driving in the Dark on a lit road

What to think about when driving in the dark

Sunday 29th October marks the end of British Summertime with the hour change taking place for the UK. This means that the clocks will go back by one hour (6am will become 5am) and for one day only – it will feel like we gain an extra hour during the Sunday. However, it also means that later during the day, it will get darker much earlier and signifies the beginning of the autumn / winter season.

Unfortunately, these longer and darker nights are not always so favourable to drivers for many reasons. With reduced visibility being a major factor, there are often a high number of motor accidents recorded during the winter months, compared to the summer. To ensure that drivers stay safe throughout the autumn and winter season, here are our top tips for driving in the dark.

Top Tips for driving in the dark

  1. Restrict driving hours to daylight hours – This isn’t always possible due to working shift patterns but if you can drive during the daylight, rather than at night, it can help to reduce anxiety whilst driving.
  2. Slow down – Give yourself plenty of time to get from A to B and allow some extra time for unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Allow yourself some extra room – Leave a decent space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. You can’t always pre-empt what is happening ahead and when there is minimal visibility it is even more difficult to judge, especially if you need to brake suddenly.
  4. Take an eye test – If you haven’t ever taken an eye test or haven’t had one for a while, then getting your eyes tested may just help you to see clearer whilst driving at night.
  5. Check headlights – To drive in the dark, your vehicle should have fully functioning headlights, indicators, and brake lights so that other vehicles can understand the intention of your next manoeuvre.
  6. Replace wipers and top up wash – For those rainy days or days where there is a lot of silt on the roads, keeping your windscreen clean is imperative for good visibility.
  7. Keep safe – Let friends and family know where you are driving to and from and ensure that you enrol yourself and your vehicle with breakdown cover.

To keep your AudiBMWMINIMercedesJaguarLand Rover & Range Rover safe this Autumn and Winter, don’t forget to book in for a vehicle service with Stourbridge Automotive. Our experienced team of technicians are here to assist you with all vehicle servicing, repairs, MOT’s, and mechanical enquiries.