Its winter and another lockdown! Having problems with a weak car battery?

Winter and another lockdown! Problems with a weak car battery?
fixing a weak car battery

Its January and with the presence of lockdown impacting on our daily lives once again, owner / drivers are using their vehicles to visit places less than usual. With government guidelines suggesting we only drive for essential travel and to isolate as much as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus, vehicles are being left parked for longer periods of time.

Comparatively, to the last lockdown period of Spring 2020, some vehicles which were left parked for long periods of time displayed signs of a weak car battery and faulty mechanical issues due to their long-term standing position. In conjunction with this, the winter season brings another impact to the situation – cold weather, rain, ice and snow all have an impact on vehicles and especially when they are left outside in the uncompromising elements and not run regularly.

Signs of a weak car battery

So, what are the signs to look out for in a weak car battery and what can you do to help the situation?

  1. Check for any warning lights on the vehicle dashboard.
  2. The time and date on the display may default to zero on some vehicle models.
  3. The car may not turn over or start first time
  4. The car’s engine may not start at all

Preventing a weak car battery

Reducing the impact of a weak car battery will not only save owner / drivers money in replacing the battery but will also help to keep the vehicle running mechanically better.

  1. Start the vehicle and run every few days, especially throughout colder weeks.
  2. Turn on the engine outside your property, but always stay in the car and never leave it un-attended whilst the engine is on.
  3. Remove any gadgets which are plugged into the car, such as phone chargers as these could drain the battery even when the engine is turned off.
  4. Make sure that lights, the heater, and air-conditioning are all turned off.
  5. If you have a vehicle battery charger, use it, to charge up the battery to its full capacity.

For more information on fixing your car battery issue or if your vehicle is presenting a mechanical fault, then please contact us at Stourbridge Automotive. Our experience and trained workshop team are on hand to help with, and fix any mechanical issues relating to your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover.