Engine ECU Remapping at its best!

You may have heard of engine remapping but perhaps wondered what it entails in terms of the modification of your car? Over recent years the commissioning of engine ECU Remapping has become a popular choice for vehicle owners who wish to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of their car.  Engine ECU remapping is carried […]

How AC Schnitzer for BMW could enhance your vehicle!

For over 30 year AC Schnitzer for BMW has established performance, tuning and styling at the very forefront of its company ethos. Originally designed in Germany for the motorsport industry, AC Schnitzer has merged the very best of its motorsport engineering to enhance BMW and BMW Mini vehicles for the global mass market. As approved […]

Female Drivers – Female Focus website page launch

This month we are delighted to launch our Female Drivers Female Focus page which demonstrates our sensitivity to how our workshop operates, so that we may encourage more female customers to use our knowledge and services. Booking a vehicle service or repair can be a daunting task in terms of understanding a conversation with regards to mechanics. In addition, […]

BMW Mini Drivers – Your car reflects your personality

Calling all BMW Mini Drivers and Mini enthusiasts, according to a recent survey by wheel and tyre marketeer – rimstyle.com, Mini is the most googled car in Britain. Especially in the West Midlands and the South East regions of the UK, plus major UK cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and London. In terms of […]

The Importance of a MOT Test

This month here at Stourbridge Automotive we’re focusing on the importance of a MOT test and the implications to you and your vehicle if you do not comply. Obtaining a valid MOT test certificate is the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner and ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy.  You will not get a reminder from […]

Buying a Used Car – Top Tips

Buying a used car can be both an exciting and daunting experience. As individuals, we all have our own car brand aspirations that we know and love. The reasons why we like cars can cover so many aspects, from status and speed to styling and comfortability, or size and practicality.  Whatever the reason there is […]

Autumn Vehicle Checks 2018

As we amble into the Autumn season and the darker nights draw in, the UK Autumn season can bring varied weather patterns.  This month our team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd would like to highlight some of the aspects for the best way to look after your vehicle through the season, so that drivers operate their […]

Working with an Accredited Vehicle Company

Finding the right accredited vehicle company that has a reputable workshop garage to service your car can be an off-putting task. Because of their reputation and core knowledge of the car brand, it is often tempting to use the main dealers for services, repairs and maintenance, however their costs for labour and parts can sometimes […]